Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Don't get discouraged!

Hey there! So I recently went on a road trip out to the hill country in Texas. I was slacking a little and not being as conscious of what I was eating (heck, I was on vacation, give me a break!)  I still worked out though, yes at the hotel!! :) Anyway, for a couple weeks really I had been slacking in the food department...even though I would still work out. I gained a few pounds but got back on track yesterday. I'm already back down to my weight in my last post! woo! I received encouragement from my friends to not let this set back keep me down for long. We are all going to have days, maybe weeks when we're not on our A game..but that's okay! As long as you jump right back on track!

Here are some pics from my little vacation and recent one's :) enjoy!

Working on my yoga/stretching! lol

Last but not least, and the one i'm most excited about! I beat my best mile time by 45 seconds...also this is the fastest I've EVER been able to go a mile :) I was lucky if I could finish the mile in middle school in 16-18 minutes!
Thanks for reading and please be encouraged! You too can do this! One day at a time! You didn't become who you are overnight! This will take work, but remember you are so much stronger than you think!! :)

God Bless<3

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sorry it's been a month!!

Okay, so my June challenge was a bit of a challenge. I DID NOT have any alcohol, pasta, red meat, or pork. Everything else on the list: bread, sweets, etc well ya I had a couple bites here and there. Overall it was a good challenge. I think I want to stick to trying not to eat red meat/pork and limit alcohol. It made me more aware of what I eat, so now I'm more conscious of what my intake it. I also have lost another 6.4 pounds. I swear my weight ranges from day to day, it's so weird. For example, the other day I was 244 but today I'm 245 and I'm totally okay with that! :)  So here are some pictures!!

So far I have lost a total of 47.2 pounds!

Also, I am now a jogger! I still cannot even fathom that I can jog and actually really enjoy it! My best time starting out was about an 18 minute mile. This was probably my best time in middle school as well. I hated to exercise..I would rather walk and talk with my friends. But after some dedication and determination, I did my best mile about 4 days ago and it was in about 14 minutes! I almost cried. 

A couple more pics :) 

Keep up the good work y'all! Thank you so much for reading and all the encouragement!