Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Remember I was going to do Paleo?! Well that lasted about a week and a half and I lost about 4 pounds....sadly, I didn't stick with it. oops. In other news I was slacking there for a while...cheating a little too often this month as well as not working out as much :( I know these things happen but I'm getting back on track and it's pretty tough.
Back at the gym...after way too long!
Doing couch to 5k again since I'm doing my first 5k in 10 days!! ahh! Top pic was the day before and bottom was yesterday. 
In other news...I know this is a long journey and there will be times when we get "off-track" the important part is getting your butt back into gear and "Doing Work" I am still a long way from my goal and I'm so glad you're here for the ride!
Remember life is good and to be happy happy happy!