Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I know, I know it's been awhile!!

Lots to update y'all on!! :)

I've lost 68.4 pounds!!

I've always wanted to make a tutu and take pics..well I did and with the help of my friend Samantha, my tutu was made :) 
Katrina Ballerina :)

Also I no longer have some hindrances: 
-I went to six flags...no problems at all fitting on the rides!
-No longer do I fear I won't fit into a booth at a restaurant...table is not too close to my stomach
-A bath towel I have now fits completely around me...this happened the other day and I got so excited! 
-I cross my legs all the time now..you know the way a lady should sit?! 
-All the jeans are too big!! Dresses, shirts, and even underwear are getting too big!! :) 

Thank y'all for reading!!